Friday, May 28, 2010

Karen and David O'Connor Clinic at Holly Hill: Getting Here

Getting here
Once again, it’s a long way to anyplace from Lubbock…but Holly Hill is a particularly long drive. Thankfully, it’s almost all highway, which is nice (albeit boring), so if anything bad happens, I won’t be stranded like I was coming to Road Runner Farm a few years ago.

That said, things still happen. I planned ahead with TWO bags of coastal, one of alfalfa, knowing that Paddy will be hungry since he’s usually glued to his round bale. I guess that was a good thing!

As I was tooling down 84 just between Slatin and Snyder, I felt a big “BUMP” and heard something disturbing. “Shit!” I thought. “I just bought a new tire, and I have a blow out!” It felt like it was the trailer, so I pulled over very carefully—but as I did, I saw hay flying everywhere in the rear view mirror. The tailgate fell down, and one of the hay bags flew out, went under the wheel, and EXPLODED all over the road. I was able to back up/walk to it, and the bag was shredded, and all I could salvage was about a flake of coastal (it was LITERALLY scattered for a mile!), which I gave to Paddy.

Then, on 20 after Dallas/before Longview, something happened…road work, an accident, SOMETHING….and we sat for about 45 minutes.

So we didn’t get in until after dark (NOT our plan!), but I was able to get situated pretty quickly. Paddy is a trooper!!

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